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UnitedStar Products

 All types of domestic and industrial electric fans, domestic and industrial electric lights and appliances are products being offered in UnitedStar brand. Our products include:

1-Domestic Fans:

i- Ceiling fans (all types and sizes)

ii- Wall bracket fans (all types and sizes)

iii- Pedestal/Floor stand fans (all types and sizes)

iv- Ventilation/Exhaust fans (all types and sizes)

v- Other domestic/kitchen appliances & Equipments.

2- Industrial Fans:

i- Industrial Wall fans (different types and sizes)

ii- Industrial Stand fans (different types and sizes)

iii- Industrial Air circulation fans (different types and sizes)

iv- Industrial Ventilation/Exhaust fans (different types and sizes)

3- Domestic Lights:

i- Domestic CFL Energy Saver lights (all types)

ii- Domestic LED lights

iii- Other luminaire/fixtures and lighting equipments.

4- Industrial Lights:

i-  Industrial LED lights and luminaire/fixtures.

ii- Industrial CFL lights and fixtures.

iii- Industrial LVD/Induction lights [all types; Induction flood, highbay, street, tunnel and all other induction LVD lights.

We're frequently updating our website with new product offerings and expanding our products portfolio in UnitedStar brand. You'll soon see almost all variety available. 

You can browse through our products on this website and our brand's websites and see the details of products you may need or in case you have any special requirement or you can not find products on our website, please feel free to contact us any time.